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Make even complex cases feel routine

The entire Cath Lab team is critical to delivering the best possible outcomes for your patients. Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI), is committed to supporting your efforts through programs specifically tailored to members of the Cath Lab team.

Our cutting-edge technology and educational courses help physicians understand the challenges that arterial calcium presents, how to intervene with Orbital Atherectomy in appropriate patients with the unified goal of helping improve patient outcomes. We collaborate with leading experts in the field to pioneer innovative solutions.

Boost your CSIQ

Educational opportunities tailored specifically for the Cath Lab team

CSIQ is the official medical education program of CSI.

  • Comprehensive courses taught by leading orbital atherectomy experts

  • Dedicated instructors for Cath Lab team training

  • National courses

Case Studies

Real-world cases, real-world results


When You See Calcium, Think Diamondback 360®

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Patient Stories

Helping you get your patients back to what matters

The Diamondback 360® Peripheral Orbital Atherectomy Systems (OAS) deliver versatile, low-profile devices that give you more access site options. In our clinical studies with real-world patients and the most challenging lesions, OAS has demonstrated successful lesion modification while maintaining low complication rates.

The Diamondback 360® Coronary Orbital Atherectomy System (OAS) is the only device indicated to treat severely calcified coronary lesions. Orbital Atherectomy enables successful stent deployment, helping to lead to safe and effective percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) outcomes.

See the Devices in Action

How it works:

The unique mechanism of action uses a combination of centrifugal force and differential sanding to treat arterial calcium.  The Diamondback 360 MOA is designed to treat 360° of the vessel as it sands away the calcium, while allowing for continuous flow of blood and saline during orbit.

Commitment to Clinical & Economic Rigor

Physicians and payers are increasingly seeking clinical and economic evidence to allow them to make decisions regarding optimal treatment of patients. We are focused on conducting and collecting clinical and economic evidence to demonstrate the advantages of OAS in treating complex disease states such as PAD and CAD.

We believe that the clinical data and cost-effectiveness of our OAS technology will help drive physician utilization of the OAS and sustain ongoing reimbursement coverage for our devices.11

Clinical Evidence

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